Mens Sana Interactive has announced their next release on Switch: “Pathfinders: Memories”. It’s a game where the player’s visual memory is challenged on a journey through human civilizations.

The player will use memory to help Pathfinders, a group of knowledge-hungry aliens, travel through time visiting ancient civilizations, and search for relics to create the museum of human history.

The route to success will be full of traps, obstacles, and enemies. At each level, the player will need to memorize the details of the scene (located in a certain civilization in the past) and, after the scene is hidden, draw the safe path for our heroes between the entrance and exit doors.

The game offers 60 levels in 6 civilizations, including Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Vikings. It is localized in seven languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch

It will be released on 05/May/2023, on Nintendo eShop, in the regions Americas, Europe and Australia. It was previously released on Steam.


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