Prices for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster's physical release soar as scalpers cash in

Getting this at a reasonable price is the real fantasy

21 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is available now on Switch, and that includes digitally and physically. Pre-orders for the physical releases, which included a standard and Anniversary editions went live weeks ago, with pricing locked at $75 for standard and $250 for Anniversary. Not surprisingly, both options sold out quickly.

Just yesterday, we mentioned that Square Enix’s website seemed to indicate that stock for all physical versions was not only depleted, but not returning anytime soon, if at all. This forced those looking to pick up a physical release to turn to resellers, and as of right now, the prices attached to these listings is exorbitant to say the least.

After scouring auction sites, the lowest price you can find the standard version of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is $175, and the Anniversary edition is going as high as $650. It’s clear Square Enix underestimated the excitement about this package, and hopefully they’ll announce soon that another round of stock is in the works.

Remember, just as we said yesterday, you still have hope if you want to go with the standard release. Play-Asia is offering a multi-language version of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster for $80, which is just $5 over what Square Enix was asking. This is the Asian physical release, but it includes an English option. It appears copies are still in stock and you can find them here.


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