Nearly 7 years after its initial release, Pokémon GO is still going strong. Right out of the gate, Pokémon GO became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, with millions upon millions of players quickly becoming enamored with the experience. Plenty of those trainers are still around today, and their hunt to catch every Pokémon continues.

In a new video feature from BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, we get an intimate look at the world of Pokémon GO through Eugene and Cheryl, two Pokémon GO diehards who are always thinking about where they can go next to climb the ranks and become the best Pokémon Trainers they can be!

While short, this video feature gives a great look at what Pokémon GO means to players and how its become a part of everyday life. If you’ve fallen out of the Pokémon GO routine, it’s likely watching this mini-doc will convince you to return!

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