Back in February we saw the reveal of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE through a Nintendo Direct. The game is set to arrive on Switch June 30th, 2023, which will mark the end of a very long road for the dev team.

In an interview with NoisyPixel, RAIN CODE writer/director Kazutaka Kodaka shared some insight into just how long the game has been in development. From reveal to launch, we’ll only have known of the game for 4 months. For the team toiling away behind the scenes, its been years and years of effort.

Development started after Danganronpa V3 was released. But for that game, we were creating the game as if it was a novel, but we approached the development of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE as if it were an anime or movie. Now, because the game is in 3D, we had to take our time, which ended up being six years.

[Kazutaka Kodaka, writer and director]

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