Earlier this week, we learned that the final DLC in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass launches on April 25th, 2023. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass Vol. 4 – Future Redeemed is set before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and players join a cast of new and familiar characters in an original story scenario that connects all three installments in the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Today, we get an even closer look at what to expect from Future Redeemed.

Affinity Goals

  • performing various actions like defeating specific enemies will get you Affinity Points
  • AP can be used to make Matthew and your party stronger
  • head to the Affinity Goals screen from the main menu to do this
  • Affinity Points are shared between all party members
  • items collected while exploring the world are cataloged in the Collectopedia
  • the Collectopedia lets you earn Affinity Points by collecting a certain number of each
  • various enemies you defeat are cataloged in the Enemypedia
  • the Enemypedia lets you earn Affinity Points by defeating a certain number of each enemy

We also have details on another round of characters as well


  • a Moebius who attacks the City, and points his blade at Ghondor
  • N does this on Z’s orders Z

  • the leader of the Moebius
  • Z is seen fighting alongside Shulk and Rex in a cut-scene


  • a curious Nopon and a member of the Liberators, just like Shulk and Rex
  • a skilled mechanic who built Shulk’s prosthetic arm
  • head to Riku’s workshop, give him the required money and materials, and he’ll get to work

Finally, we have details on two more classes you’ll have access to.

Machinist (Nikol)

  • Weapon: Variable Backpack
  • Battle Role: Defender
  • Talent Art: Total Destruction
  • Total Destruction deals damage that can bypass the enemy’s defenses and also reduces the amount of damage taken by the user

Souenshi (Glimmer)

  • Weapon: Cane
  • Battle Role: Healer
  • a healer who can play music to heal allies
  • make use of various effects depending on the melody played
  • when their Talent Art lands, all allies recover their HP

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1y ago

It's very strange to me that they changed the release date. It makes it release so close to TOTK! Now I don't think I'll get the dlc anytime soon because I know I won't have time to finish it before Zelda releases which means I won't even be playing it for at least a couple months. That December release date they had before was just perfect. Why screw the timing at the last minute?