A couple weeks before the Super Mario Bros. Movie launched, Illumination released a spoof Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial. If you missed out on that, you can watch it here. While we already knew the voices behind Mario and Luigi in that spot, many were wondering who voiced the woman. Today brings us the definitive answer.

For weeks now, there’s been rumors that the voice of the woman in the commercial was Jeannie Alias, the voice of Princess Toadstool in the 1989 Super Mario Bros. cartoon. That was never verified, so we didn’t share that discussion. Thankfully, we now have proof positive of the person behind the role.

As confirmed in the clip above, Jessica DiCicco is the voice of the woman in the commercial. DiCicco is a well-known voice actor who has appeared in shows like The Loud House and Adventure Time. Now she can add the Super Mario Bros. Movie to her resume, as she voices the commercial lady, other Mario family members, and the yellow Toadstool as well!

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1y ago

Wow! That's a nice little easter egg.