I have no problem with companies hopping on trends to do some smart marketing and raise awareness of their brands. That said, I think there are some trends companies should steer very clear of. Apparently the team behind the Angry Birds Tiktok account feels differently.

The Tiktok above, which does indeed come from the verified Angry Birds account, hops on a popular trend on Tiktok (and other platforms) called Smash or Pass. For those who don’t know, the trend involves looking at people and saying if you’d “Smash” them or “Pass” on them. No, I won’t be explaining things any more than that.

For whatever reason, the Angry Birds Tiktok has made a Smash or Pass video where Red looks at characters across all of gaming and comments on whether he’s smash or pass on them. There are a handful of Nintendo-related characters in there, and Red has an opinion to share on all of them.

I really have no clue why the Angry Birds social media team felt like this was an appropriate trend to participate in. There’s just so much wrong with the idea that I could go on about it for days. Let’s just hope this is a one-off, misguided attempt at connecting with Tiktokers, and the social media team thinks twice next time.

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1y ago

What in the actual...

Fire your entire social media team Angry Birds, this is definitely not it.


1y ago

I'm not a pearl clutching individual that acts like I don't look at women in a sexual manner but it might not be good for a character from a kid's game franchise to talk about which people he'd screw.


1y ago

Yeah this isn’t appropriate. I know ad companies have misinterpreted sexual slang before (I recall a hamburger ad that infamously said “I’d tap that”) but I can’t imagine this could be the case here. Really not a great idea to do this kind of thing with kid-oriented characters from an E-rated game

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1y ago

This is a Rovio where Sega is in charge.


1y ago

Well Sonic never did smash or pass so when the Sega Acquisition is done this wont happen again