Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan ran a poll with readers to see who their favorite Fire Emblem Engage characters were. This poll kicked off all the way back in February, and now we finally have the results.

Fire Emblem Engage includes a host of new and old Fire Emblem characters, acting as a celebration of the franchise’s 3+ decades. That makes for a lot of faces for fans to sift through, yet it seems there was no trouble for most players when it came to picking a favorite.

The top 25 most popular characters from Fire Emblem Engage are as follows:

  1. Alear 2 .Diamant 3 .Alfred 4 .Alcryst 5 .Yunaka 6 .Sommie 7 .Céline 8 .Pandrea 9 .Veyle
  2. Ivy
  3. Framme
  4. Etié
  5. Lapis
  6. Anna
  7. Louis
  8. Goldmary
  9. Hortensia
  10. Boucheron
  11. Chloé
  12. Amber
  13. Kagetsu
  14. Clanne
  15. Panette
  16. Fogado
  17. Vander

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1y ago

Mostly solid list but…#2 and #3? People find those two interesting? Must be some cultural difference I don’t get.

(Also, the numbering is off in this post.)


1y ago


Something went wrong with the numbering and formatting.