Super Mario 3D World was created for the Wii U, but Nintendo saw fit to revisit it for a re-release on Switch a few years later. Rather than just doing a straightforward port, Nintendo added a completely new experience to the title with the Bowser’s Fury expansion.In a post from Nintendo developer Shuhei Sugimoto, we learn about how Nintendo approached the creation of this new content.

Those who’ve played Bowser’s Fury knows that the game offers a larger-than-life version of Bowser, and Sugimoto wanted to make sure the scope and scale came across to players. To get things just right, Sugimoto turned to the world of cinema for some inspiration. You can see his comments below, as translated by Nintendo Everything.

I paid particular attention during my effects work on this title to distinguish it from Super Mario 3D World. Since Mario and Bowser fight while transformed into giants, I focused on expressing that sense of scale in my effects work. I watched monster movies as reference, and I tweaked the details and distortions over and over on Bowser’s fireball and shock wave attacks so they felt serious and huge in order to create a more impactful sensory experience.

[Nintendo developer Shuhei Sugimoto]

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