Bandai Namco has announced both a free update and a paid downloadable content Expansion Pack for Super Robot Wars 30. Both sets of content will be the last updates released for Super Robot Wars 30, and they’re set to launch on April 20th, 2022. Get full details on both pieces of content below.

Free Update (April 20)

  • Area Mission: The Hyper Fighter – Recruit the Grungust pilot Irmgard Kazahara (voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi).
  • Area Mission: The Crossover Door Unlocked – Recruit the Van Ein, and pilots Asahi Inui (voiced by Kenji Akabane) and Schatte Sudwesten (voiced by Asami Seto).
  • Expansion Pack Area Mission 1
  • Extra Chapter – Six missions in total.
  • Five Limited Missions Unlocked for All Players – Five missions for obtaining the SRX (Spirit of Steel), Cybaster (The Elemental Lord), Spirit of the Blade, Spirit of the Shot, and Spirit of Power.

Expansion Pack

Set 1 (April 13)

  • Special Mission – This will grant the Spirit of Steel, Prana Converter, and Aos Arc Power Parts, as well as the Attacker and ExC Bonus Skill Programs.

Set 2 (April 20)

  • Featured Works
  • Armored Trooper VOTOMS
  • Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God
  • Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening
  • Getter Robo Devolution: The Last 3 Minutes of the Universe
  • SHINKALION the Movie
  • Super Robot Wars OG series
  • Added Difficulty: Super Expert Mode Plus – This is an extreme difficulty level with changes to many different game rules, for people who want to try a different kind of playthrough. Enemies are even stronger than in Super Expert Mode, while your side is much more restricted in how much they can power up—you need more EXP to level up, upgrades cost a lot more, and repeatable missions are off the table, along with other changes. You will earn 10 new and very potent Power Parts over the course of your playthrough, and you can carry these parts over to other game modes after clearing the game. Note: You cannot change difficulty mid-game in this difficulty mode. We recommend playing this mode on New Game+.
  • Chain Area Mission: Brother and Sister – Edge and Az, the dual protagonists of SRW 30, talk about their past together in this set of three area missions.
  • Additional Area Missions: 20
  • Additional Onboard Missions: 25
  • Added Playable Units: 10
  • Scopedog TC LRS
  • Scopedog
  • Ultimate Dancouga
  • Red 5+
  • Getter 1 (Evolved Form of the Adapted One)
  • Getter 2
  • Getter 3
  • Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII
  • Shinkalion E5 MkII Over Cross ALFA-X
  • Dygenguar
  • Added Attacks: Three
  • Blue 1: Full Burst Mode
  • Huckebein 30th: Roche Saber Overbreak
  • SRX: SRX Full Burst

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