Most of us have seen the Super Mario Bros. Movie by now (and multiple times at that!), and we’re all still trying to pick out every reference and cameo the film has to offer. That’s why it’s so crazy to learn that some of the things planned for this film never made it out of the concept art stage.

Earlier tonight, a massive wave of concept art for the Super Mario Bros. Movie has found its way online. We’re not sure how the leak happened in the first place, but it appears the artists involved didn’t want their work getting spread around the internet. Out of respect to the artists, we’ll refrain from sharing the art here.

While the artwork reflects a lot of what you see in the final film, there’s plenty of content that was clearly cut. Most notable in the leaked works is a piece of art that features Toadsworth, Princess Peach’s longtime steward. Many were surprised he didn’t make the cut for the Super Mario Bros. Movie, considering he would fit in with the film perfectly. For whatever reason, poor Toadsworth, along with a bounty of other content, never got the greenlight.

Keep in mind that even though a lot of the concept art content never saw the light of day in the film, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be revisited for a sequel. We all know a follow-up movie is on the way, even if one hasn’t been officially announced yet. When that project does come around, we’ll have to revisit the concept art discussion to see if anything dropped from the debut film gets picked up for the second outing.

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