Many people don’t know this, but Disney was involved with the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie. Disney purchased the film’s distribution rights early on, as they obviously thought there might be some money to be made in a game-to-movie adaptation. Well, decades later, we all know how that went for them!

What we didn’t know was how upset Disney was with some parts of the movie during production. This is according to John Leguizamo, who portrayed Luigi in that 1993 film. According to a GQ interview with Leguizamo, Disney was pretty riled up about one scene in particular, which led to a lot of cuts.

“[The directors] had this dark, dark vision that Disney was not okay with so there was all this butt-heading that was incredible. That party scene? Those were all strippers from North Carolina that they put on the set and they had them in the most revealing clothes and costumes.. Disney was not happy … They had to cut a lot of it, blow it out, CGI it with whatever bad technology they had back in the day.”

[John Leguizamo]

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1y ago

And now we know why Disney didn't get the new Mario movie.