The home release for the Super Mario Bros. Movie is a number of months off, as the film is still killing it at the box office. If you want to see the movie you’ll have to head to theaters…unless you live in Argentina, that is.

We’re not sure how this came about, but believe it or not, and Argentine TV channel (GenTV) aired the Super Mario Bros. Movie from start to finish a week after it released in theaters. Just to make this clear, this was in no way, shape or form approved by anyone involved with the movie, which means the TV network is no doubt in for some very heavy fines.

Obviously, airing this movie on TV creates even bigger problems for Illumination and Nintendo, as now a high-quality rip of the film made its way online. It’s pretty much a nightmare situation for the two companies, and there’s sure to be some serious legal action in the very near future.

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1y ago

The TV network got the movie from someone, either Illumination or third party distributor. Someone in distribution messed up more than the TV network.


1y ago

Studios essentially distribute video files to theaters now, instead of film reels, right? Does it merely take somebody at a theater stealing that video file? They have protections in place or encryption, I'd imagine.


1y ago

Hawk movies in theaters are incripted and need keys to unlock and to be validated by the projector online to work

Thanks! It makes sense that they would do that.


1y ago

A quick search of pirating sites shows tons of rips of this movie...they either pirated it or something messed up in distribution