Dorian Bloch, the games lead at GfK, has shared some stats on the games industry in the UK. He’s gone back to crunch the numbers on various franchises over the years, and he’s come up with a list of the top 10 highest-grossing game franchises in the UK.

The top 10 for the UK has some entries you’re no doubt expecting, but some others you might not guess right away. Without further ado, check out the complete top 10 below!


It’s nice to see both Mario and Pokémon make the top 10 list, but I honestly would have guessed that Pokémon would beat out Mario. Along with that, I’m surprised to see The Sims chart. I knew it was popular, but I didn’t think it would make a top 10 list. I guess all those expansions keep driving the numbers up!

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1y ago

The Sims expansions doing all the heavy lifting in this list!