Consider yourself a big fan of A Hat in Time? You might be interested to know that Fangamer has updated their A Hat in Time merch collection with a new set of goodies, and all of them are sure to disappear quickly!

First up is the Bow Kid Plush, which is priced at $32. This official A Hat in Time plush was designed by Nina Matsumoto and prototyped by Eyes5. It’s about 10.5 inches tall when seated and includes a plush umbrella that attaches to either hand with magnets.


After that comes the ‘Contract Expired’ t-shirt for $32. This official A Hat in Time shirt was designed by Ian Wilding and printed by Forward on soft, 100% cotton shirts from Canvas and District. Each one comes with a bonus sticker.


Finally, there’s the Scooter Spinning Pin Set for $14. This official A Hat in Time pin set consists of a scooter badge (about 0.9 inches tall) with a beveled edge and an epoxy finish, plus a scooter pin (about 1.5 inches tall) with two spinning wheels. It was designed by Versiris.

If you’d like to place your order on these items, you can find them all through the Fangamer store.

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