We told you all about the Cult of the Lamb “Relics of the Old Faith” Update and Heretics Pack yesterday, but that was with a boring press release. Don’t you wish there was a better, more fun way to learn about all this new content? The gang at Devolver Digital did, which is why they’ve put together this video!

Remember the classic Pokérap from the Pokémon anime? The one where the rapper would go through a variety of Pokémon found in the series? Well, now we have a Cult of the Lamb-themed rap that carries on the tradition by sharing a look at all the new monsters you’ll find in the Relics of the Old Faith update!

The Relics of the Old Faith update features a brand-new post-game storyline in which a mysterious being asks you to conquer revamped crusades, enemies and bosses with the help of Relics; usable items that bestow unique effects upon the Lamb, enhancing combat in a multitude of different ways. Conduct Sermons to unlock new Relics and keep track of them in the Relic Book as you uncover mysterious new lore concerning “The Three Ducks.”

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