We all have our passions in life. Many of us would consider videogames a passion, and there’s no doubt Shigeru Miyamoto does as well. The thing is, another passion has creeped its way into Miyamoto’s life, and it’s not one you’d expect.

During a press junket for the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Miyamoto revealed that he’s been quite obsessed with Japanese morning dramas. For all intents and purposes, these are soap operas like we have in the states, but the morning versions come in 15-minute snippets every day. According to Miyamoto (translated by Videogames Chronicle), he’s been checking these out for quite some time and sharing his critiques with anyone who’ll listen.

“At Nintendo, I have the joke title of ‘NHK Morning Drama Critic’. I check morning dramas every day and provide various critiques. Sometimes I’ll praise them as being fantastic, and other times I’ll point out their shortcomings.

Gradually, I’ve become more outspoken, and even my wife has told me, ‘I don’t want to hear it, go talk about it somewhere else’ [laughs] Over the past 10 or 20 years of doing this, I’ve developed an interest in creating dramas.

I find that morning dramas often have lively dialogue. Directors who emphasize ad-libs tend to create more engaging content overall. When a director or cinematographer is on set and says, ‘Okay, that’s a wrap!’ I often think, ‘I can’t believe they approved this line.’ I realized that lively conversations are crucial in creating dramas.”

[Shigeru Miyamoto]

It’s been said for years now that Miyamoto turns his hobbies into games. Should we expect something down the line from Miyamoto to inject his love of morning dramas?!

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1y ago

Love Hotel Simulator The Game!


1y ago

If you're a creative, you have to take up unexpected tastes in media. It's the law.


1y ago

The Mario movie starting to make a lot more sense.


1y ago


Nintendo have been the most chill on censorship of late, so there might be a chance! =)