Minecraft Legends brings out your competitive side! Challenge your friends or team up in intense Player vs Player battles. Gather resources and build defenses to protect and upgrade your team’s camp while strategizing to destroy your opponents’ settlements. See more about that in the video above.

Minecraft Legends is the new action strategy game we made in partnership with Blackbird Interactive where you play as the brave hero who unites the inhabitants of the Overworld to fight off a devastating piglin invasion. Nether portals have appeared all over the once-peaceful Overworld, bringing piglins and spreading netherrack, and it’s up to you to lead the charge and destroy them before the corruption covers everything! In this game, mobs that you would typically fight or avoid in the original Minecraft will become your friends and fight alongside you. The story of Minecraft Legends is one that’s been passed down through time in the Overworld, so who’s to say whether it’s real or not? The truth is nobody can, so it’s up to you to discover it and craft your own theories!

In Minecraft Legends, you play as the hero! You might think that means you’ll be doing all the fighting, but actually: you’ll be doing all the leading. In Legends you’re not the only fighter, and in fact, your allies are better equipped to deal with the piglins than you are. Your task is to summon new friends and lead them in battle to defeat the rampaging piglins. You will have to defend villages, destroy piglin bases, and more to push back the piglins’ Nether corruption. Different allies have different strengths and weaknesses, which when used wisely can give you the edge in battle.

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