Nintendo is back with another feature that suggests Switch games you might be interested in. This time around, the focus is on games that include plot twists.

The “plot twist” can take many forms in video games. Maybe you’re playing a game, thinking you know everything there is to know, and then BAM! The concept changes. Or your allies aren’t so allied. Or the hero proves that their reality is as false as my grandpa’s teeth. The following games have absorbing stories that either twist around with constant surprises, have a healthy dose of weirdness, or simply make you stand back and go, “Woah.”

If you want to see the list of suggestions, which is an entirely third-party affair, you can find the breakdown here.

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1y ago

Inscription is SO good. I don't remember the last time a game engrossed me so completely. At its core is a really fun roguelike card game, but it's so much more than that. Such a wild ride! Really glad I picked it up based on the podcast's recommendations.

Seriously, I was so into this game that I was DREAMING about playing it, and I barely ever remember my dreams.