Earlier today, XSEED Games released Trinity Trigger, an all-new action role-playing game from developer FuRyu. Trinity Trigger is combines the look and feel of iconic RPGs of the ‘90s with an emphasis on fast-paced, customizable combat.

In an interview with Gematsu, Trinity Trigger director Takumi Isobe spoke about his hopes for the game. As you can tell from the gameplay and mechanics, Isobe is really hoping to woo in both old gamers and newcomers alike with the game’s retro style.

I hope that Trinity Trigger will spark a ‘neo-retro’ kind of nostalgia in players. This game might be considered an ‘old-school’ RPG in that it takes inspiration from Western-style fantasy like many Japanese genre classics. Because there have been fewer old-school RPGs in the consumer market recently, I believe games like this can provide players in their teens with fresh experiences while also offering a feeling of nostalgia to those in their 20s.”

[director Takumi Isobe]

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the utility man

1y ago

I was pretty excited for this game until I read there was Day 1 paid story DLC and the physical version doesn't even come with it.


1y ago

@the utility man

Everything about it is old-school except for the sales strategy I guess.

the utility man

1y ago


I can take old school and new school types of games, but when it comes to stuff like that I hate how a lot of games are priced out these days.

I had actually preordered this game, I'm probably going to return it.