Tiny Thor Reveals Tough-As-Nails Bosses

Little guy, big problems

26 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A love letter to the golden age of Amiga, SNES and Sega Genesis platforming, Tiny Thor is a classic run’n’jump that deftly weaves skillful platforming, frenetic fights, and light puzzle gameplay together. The unique hammer-throwing action spellbinds players right from the start, with more exciting combat tricks acquired along your journey.

Tiny Thor also features a bountiful cast of bosses and today IndieForge, the new indie publishing label from Gameforge, is excited to reveal even more about these menaces.

Find out more about these bothersome and beastly bosses below - including Loki, the Asgardian prince and one of the famous gods in Norse mythology!

Stone Crusher: A cave-dwelling beast with a bark-like hide and earth-shattering strength. The Stone Crusher guards a cave that is said to house one of the ancient Norn Altars. It will bury Thor under a cascade of falling rocks if he does not utilize the ricocheting powers of Mjölnir to break free and shatter his defenses.

Kraken: In the fjords of Niflheim, an ancient creature of the abyss awakens.The fabled guardian of a Singastein and wrecker of Ships; it’s the Kraken! It does not take kindly to be disturbed in its slumber…Thor needs to dance on its mollusk head, avoiding being swatted into the cold waters by its many tentacles.

Loki: Loki the Infamous, the Nefarious, the Mischievous, the Great Trickster. He bears many titles by which honest kin remember and shun him. When Thor finally confronts him to thwart his plans, he uses vile magic to deceive and battle our hero.

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