Global games developer and publisher Digital Extremes’ anticipated free Warframe update The Duviri Paradox is available today for all platforms, welcoming all players to embark on a wild, time-looping journey through Duviri’s fractured and ever-changing multidimensional world. Introducing an exciting new way to experience the thrills of the online sci-fi MMO, The Duviri Paradox is Warframe’s first story-driven cinematic update that is not progression-locked and is available for all players to enjoy for free regardless of their skill level, experience, or familiarity with the game.

A new gameplay launch trailer dives deeper into the story of The Duviri Paradox while showcasing more of the ever-changing open world that players will traverse with their Kaithe as they unearth Duviri’s secrets and take down new enemies with electrifying combat, including the terrifying Orowyrm.

Starting today, new players jumping into Warframe for the very first time will be presented with two choices when beginning the game - starting their journey with The Duviri Paradox as the Drifter or beginning their journey through the game’s main path with a Warframe. This choice does not impact or lock a player’s ability to experience the other side. For returning players, The Duviri Paradox Quest will be available in their codex and Duviri will appear on their Star Chart when the update launches later today. All players will continue their post-Quest journey in Duviri by selecting one of three game modes: ‘The Circuit’ which provides a new Warframe Only endless game mode, ‘The Duviri Experience’ which is a full open world adventure, and ‘The Lone Story’ for a solo narrative experience.

The Duviri Paradox introduces players to Waframe’s fourth open world- a fractured and unknown world composed of strange floating islands ruled by Dominus Thrax where environments and colors shift and transpose as the child king’s mood Spirals through Fear, Anger, Joy, Envy, and Sorrow. Each mood in The Duviri Paradox is distinct in environments, combat, and interactions, where enemies and the citizens of Duviri look, react, and behave differently and colors alter to create a new experience with each step into Duviri. For returning players, the update improves the Drifter experience by including an upgraded melee combat system and adding Intrinsics for players to upgrade their Combat, Riding Abilities, Opportunity, and Endurance. As players progress through the story each day, they will also unlock Decrees offering randomized powerful upgrades that will reset with each new mood Spiral. In addition to playing through the main story, players can jump into optional side activities in Duviri that reward them with Decrees, Intrinsics, Resources, and more including Fishing, Conservation, Herding, Kaithe Racing, Puzzles and Hidden Chests, and even Shawzin Playing. Players looking to take a break from Duviri’s endless action can even play board games with its resident NPCs.

More experienced players can also take advantage of the new Incarnon Genesis System and install Incarnon Adapters to a selection of eligible weapons and unlock improvements for use in-mission. Incarnon Adapters are only available in Steel Path Circuit missions on Duviri and players should be prepared for a more challenging experience.

The ever-shifting world of Duviri is home to whimsical flora and fauna with dangerous secrets and challenges to uncover. Players traveling across this fractured land should look their best with new Supporter Pack and Bundle content available from Warframe’s in-game Market for Platinum. With one or a combination of multiple packs and bundles, Warframe players can fully customize their in-game appearance and take down adversaries with one of several devastating new melee weapons.

Royal Steed Pack: A cosmetics-driven pack for players to customize their Kaithe and create a mount worthy of a king. The Royal Steed Pack includes the Grassland Steed Pack, Outland Steed Pack and Steed’s Regalia Pack

Fabled Warrior Pack: Elevate the Drifter’s appearance in-game with a cosmetics pack that includes a new Drifter Loneryder Suit, selection of Armor, and other cosmetics

Heavy Strike Melee Bundle: Enter the world of Duviri with powerful and elegant themed weapons in the Heavy Strike Melee Bundle, including a devastating Azothane and the shockwave-inducing Syam, Edun, and Sampotes melee weapons.

Baruuk Doan and Wisp Somnium Collections: Popular Warframe’s Baruuk and Wisp get a visual overhaul with new Deluxe Skins originally conceptualized by Warframe community fan artists. Experience the calm center of a chaotic storm with the Baruuk Doan Collection and combine the natural and preternatural with the Wisp Somnium Collection.

Void Adornment Bundle IV: A new collection of morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump is releasing for players to customize material structures with new Voidshell Skins for Limbo and Mesa

Paradox Visage Ink Collection: A new way of expressing in-game customization, this collection of cosmetics is available for players to further customize their Drifter with tattoos

TennoGen Bundles: A new collection of community-designed customizations are releasing in the TennoGen LXX and LXXI Bundles today, inclusive of new weapon and armor cosmetics created by Warframe’s community

Outside of the story, side objectives, and activities, The Duviri Paradox will unite core Warframe with all things related to the Drifter. Below the floating islands of Duviri lurks an area, The Undercroft, a broken Void space where Dominus Thrax could not completely control the Void. The Undercroft contains a full Warframe experience free from the eyes of Dominus Thrax, featuring custom Warframe arenas where Decrees also matter and a mix of known enemies and different threats exist. Completing this Warframe segment of The Durivi Paradox rewards players and sends them back to Duviri while restoring color to the shifting world above.

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