The videogame Camper Van: Make It Home confirms it’s going to launch on Switch after surpassing the 40.000€ funding goal on its Kickstarter campaign, which currently has over 1.600 backers.

Any backer who has supported the campaign or does so in the next 9 days that are still left, will be able to choose Nintendo Switch as the platform for their digital copy of the game, as well as the previously available ones.

The game is expected to launch for Switch sometime in 2024.

In Camper Van: Make it Home players will be able to camperize their own van and will embark on a journey of personal discovery while creating a space as creative as it is useful for organizing all their belongings.

The game allows gamers to delve into the story of its protagonist, who leaves behind her comfortable and monotonous life to dare to explore a more nomadic, natural and environmentally aware one. This title invites us to discover the experiences the main character goes through on each trip thanks to the objects she carries with her, the ones she collects, the ones that undergo changes, and the ones she leaves behind.

The journey starts with a totally empty van in a charming destination. In the process of camperizing, it will be possible to add as much furniture as space allows. Once furnished, the goal will be to store and sort all the traveler’s belongings, which will be available in a pack list. Not only is it possible to decorate the space inside the van, but also the exterior is customizable.

Once the process of camperizing and organizing is finished, it will be the time to move on to the next journey. What will be the destination?

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