Still ruining friendships worldwide, Move or Die celebrated a major milestone with its 7 Years Old & Kicking Adventure update! The geriatric-themed anniversary event features aged-up versions of four fan favorite Move or Die characters: Viking, Count, Zombi, and Chicken!

This older-indie party game even has a few new tricks and challenges up its sleeves - we’ve got to keep the mind active, after all! Two new characters and extra consumables have been added to the Community Debt challenges with the 7 Years Old & Kicking Adventure update. Improve your luck by playing and contribute to the community debt bar for a chance to win!

Move or Die is not just the title of the game, but a fundamental gameplay rule: players who fail to move will see their health bar diminish rapidly. Partygoers will battle each other in an ever-growing list of mini-game modes that change every 20-30 seconds. Each challenge has its own outrageous level design and rule set perfect for hours of laughter and good old friendship-destroying fun. Win battles and unlock insane new character skins, Mutator game modifiers that dramatically change how mini-games are played, and even crazier game modes. When players are done beating friends on the couch, jump online and challenge others to see who will rage-quit first.

We’re not quite sure when this update will arrive on Switch, but as soon as that info is shared, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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