When TUNIC was first revealed, many thought it would be nothing more than a Zelda clone. As the months went on, it became more clear that TUNIC would have a lot to offer beyond the usual trappings of Link’s adventures.

Now that TUNIC has been released for pretty much every platform, millions of people have come to see how the game offers a ton of interesting experiences through gameplay, story and more. Lead developer Andrew Shouldice has been quite happy to see that, as during development, he thought the game was a big mistake.

Shouldice shared these thoughts with Shacknews in an interview, and you can read an excerpt below.

I was 100% convinced for most of development that I had made a terrible mistake. It’s just heaping sand into a big pile over and over again and eventually you realize you’ve got this big pile of sand…I don’t know of its good. It just becomes a matter of finishing it.

I was thinking that maybe it would do okay and the fact that people have enjoyed it so much is truly wonderful.

[Andrew Shouldice]

We see this kind of thing a lot with developers, and creators in general. Sometimes you’re so close up to the project you’re working on that you can’t see the big picture anymore. It takes stepping back and the eyes of others to show you what you’ve been missing.

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1y ago

A lot of the puzzles in Tunic were so over my head I thought I'd need a PHD to finish it.