Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party heading to Switch

Matthew Broderick is nowhere in sight

27 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 5

Inspector Gadget may not be a well-known or popular franchise nowadays, but it was certainly quite a notable cartoon back when I was a kid (roughly 1 million years ago). While the younger generation might not be too interested, older gamers may be intrigued to learn that a new Inspector Gadget game is coming to Switch.

According to an Amazon France listing, Inspect Gadget: MAD Time Party is coming to Switch sometime this year. We even have full details on the game, albeit through Google translate. You can see that breakdown below.

Metroville has fallen under the control of the evil Dr. Gang and his MAD agents. In order to save the city, Inspector Gadget must use a time machine to return to the past. Unfortunately, it breaks down and his ancestors find themselves teleported to the present. Your mission: Explore Metroville and challenge your ancestors to recover the missing pieces of the time machine. You will need to solve quests in the form of mini-games to unlock the bolts needed to repair the machine. Play against three Gadget ancestors to earn bolts. Walk through the iconic environments of the famous original series, meet characters such as Chef Gontier, Sophie or the MAD agents and use the Inspector’s various gadgets to battle the MAD forces. .

Embark on a fun and exhilarating adventure where you will play as the legendary Inspector Gadget and save Metroville from the grip of Dr. Gang!

Explore the iconic city of Metroville and complete quests and challenges in Single Player mode. Discover 16 fun mini-games inspired by the Inspector Gadget universe!

Have fun with family or friends thanks to the Multiplayer mode.

Enjoy the exceptional soundtrack of Tanis Chalopin, the daughter of the creator of Inspector Gadget, Jean Chalopin.

If you’re interested in this game, you can check out a few more screenshots here. Also, for no other reason than my love of it, check out the original theme song for Inspector Gadget below.

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12M ago

I loved the original cartoon series, too. But, actually, they made a new series in 2015 that lasted 4 seasons. It used CG animation, and this looks like they are going with that art style. I never saw the new series, but I assume younger audiences might be more familiar with that one.


12M ago


Also, who knew Quimby was also a chef, lol.
"Visit iconic places from the famous original series, meet characters such as Chef Quimby"


12M ago

I guess we'd have to see Brain and Penny to really know if it's original Inspector Gadget or the 2015 version.

But I have very fond memories of the original version. I'd prefer that one.

The 2015 version had Brain and Penny, too.


12M ago


Right, they just looked different is all.