CyberConnect2 has released another big round of information for Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2. Today we get to learn about airship services, meetups, and expeditions. You can see the complete breakdown below, courtesy of a Gematsu translation.

■ Airship Services

Airship services that support the children!


This service provides HP and SP recovery, and more. Blank waypoints on the route can be changed to recovery waypoints of your choice.

Air Raid

Bomb specified enemy destination waypoints to destroy them. You can destroy strong enemies and safely proceed. You’ll be able to obtain experience too!


This service moves the children’s tank by airship. Aside from avoiding enemies, you may also move to a different route after passing the fork and obtain the rewards there.

■ Meetups

On the waypoints, you can meet and talk to a variety of people. Get bonuses based on your choices!

■ Expeditions

In this world, ruins like this are hidden in various locations, and the children can be sent to explore them. Watch out for traps and other dangerous monsters. If you fall into a dangerous situation, use your toy gun to overcome it! By exploring the ruins, you can obtain various items including materials to expand facilities.

■ Beautifully Drawn Story Chapter End Cards From Talented Artists

Like the previous game, once cleared, chapters 1 to 11 all feature an end card illustrated by one of a roster of talented artists!

Finally, a round of new gameplay clips have been shared, and you can check out the collection below.

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