One of Dead Cells’ most unassuming characters has been hiding a secret. The latest free update for the hit roguelike title from Evil Empire and Motion Twin, Clean Cut, centers around the Beheaded’s favorite stylist, The Tailor, and his newly-revealed daughter who has an affinity for hair. Dive back into the dungeon with new hair-stylist inspired weapons, a brand-new look for our headless hero and numerous tweaks and changes - including the three bosses from Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania that have been added to Boss Rush Mode. Dead Cells’ Clean Cut update is coming to Switch at a later date.

On their next trip into the dungeon, players will be able to style their enemies into submission with two brand-new weapons: the Sewing Scissors and the Giant Comb. The former, a massive pair of scissors that scale with Survival, will insta kill all enemies if just one of those enemies is able to be killed by an attack’s standard damage. The Giant Comb, which looks just the way it sounds, is a Brutality weapon that deals critical damage to enemies that are off the ground. With a first hit that launches baddies into the air, players will be able to easily pull off some massive damage aerial combos.

Additionally, players will be able to redeem a brand-new hairstyle for the follically-challenged Beheaded from The Tailor’s daughter. Thanks to a gargantuan stroke of luck, she’s able to work with the flames on their head, replacing them with a “Bobby” version on all skins. Dazzle your foes with this new ‘do before putting them down.

Alongside these new additions are some brand-new gameplay features. Dead Cells fans who are dedicated enough to speedrun the game will now find a handy new tool - Speedrun Mode. Adding an in-game timer for tracking, players will be able to easily and precisely measure their runs.

Challenge-hungry players can also look forward to some tweaks for Boss Rush mode. A new DIY option lets players pick out exactly which bosses they’ll face down, giving them a chance to practice fighting specific formidable foes one after another. The three horrifying bosses from Return to Castlevania are also making their way to Boss Rush, complete with versions enhanced by the mode’s modifiers. Sure Dracula is scary by himself, but think of what he’ll be capable of once boosted up with brand-new abilities. Attempt to vanquish him, if you dare. Enhanced bosses have also received some tweaks in this update, making your challenging fights against them all the more satisfying.

To make sure you have a fighting chance against these leveled up baddies, Dead Cells’ Training Room has also received some enhancements. Players will be able to face down each of Return to Caslevania’s bosses here as well and can pick through multiple new options to practice against specific enemies with exactly the weapon they want.

Of course, no Dead Cells update would be complete without some reworks to the Beheaded’s mutations. To name just a few, the Combo mutation will include a true-on combo meter. Players who pick up this mutation will get a damage increase that scales exponentially with every melee hit inside of a 2.5 second window that refreshes after every successful attack. The Disengagement mutation no longer has a cooldown and instead will only save your skin once per biome - good luck and don’t get hit.


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