If you prefer your DOOM in classic-style rather than modern, you’ll be happy know that there’s some new, free Add-On content available for DOOM and DOOM II today.

Fire up DOOM on your Switch and you can now access the Arrival Add-On, which includes 11 brand-new levels created by Pavera. These stages, featuring music by DOOM community alum AD_79, can be accessed through the Add-On menu in either DOOM or DOOM II.

If you’d like to learn more about how Arrival was created, you can read a developer interview here.

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2+ y ago

Nice! Just went through the first Doom. Now I can go back for more punishment!


2+ y ago


The original DOOM games are like Mega Man for me. You could give me sequels that change nothing gameplay-wise from here until the end of time, and I'll love them just the same.

I know what you mean. Nothing needs to change. The formula is perfect.