Fortnite has gotten a v20.10 Apr 12th hotfix that tweaks some elements, adds in new features, and unvaults a handful of items. Get full notes on this update below.


The Resistance has won the Battle for Daily Bugle! Funding Stations for an Armored Battle Bus and set of Turrets can now be found at the POI.

It’s not time to get complacent, though: the fight against the IO continues in the Battle for Condo Canyon. Drop into this POI and help the Resistance starting now! (Like in the last battle, heed that Huntmaster Saber is overhead. 🐅)


Raiding IO Blimps is a key tactic of the Resistance, and now there’s another item you can loot from them. Zip up to an IO Blimp and find Jetpacks hanging on the walls!

Upgraded since their last appearance, Jetpacks now hover and strafe when you’re aiming-down-sights, allowing you to keep your eyes in the sky while lining up a shot.


Spring’s in the air on the Island! Unvaulted for a limited time, fire eggs from Egg Launchers to deal explosive damage. Egg Launchers can be found in Chests and on the ground.

There’s a sweeter kind of egg too. Unvaulted for a limited time, consume Bouncy Eggs to temporarily lower gravity’s effect on you. (They also restore Shield slightly.) Bouncy Eggs can be found on the ground across the Island.


Condo Canyon is not under assault in competitive playlists, but Huntmaster Saber has still relocated.

Jetpacks are not included in competitive playlists but are subject to an evaluation period.

Egg Launchers and Bouncy Eggs are not included in competitive playlists.

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