The final update for Cat Café Manager has been detailed, and it’s coming to Switch sometime in the near future. You can see a complete breakdown of what this update will offer below.

NEW FEATURE: 💤Sleepy Cats

At the end of each workday cats with the Sleep Need (all cats after the first upgraded Stray Cat Lure) will want to sleep in a cat bed.

The 2 Cat Litterbox Shrine upgrades have been changed to ‘Cat Comforts’, and now include 6 cat beds to unlock. Place these in your cafe for your cats to sleep in; but higher Sleep Need cats want better beds!

Cats that cannot sleep in a bed because your bed score isn’t high enough will complain instead. The following day these cats will be unavailable for 3 to 5 hours as they sleep during the day. Better get them their catnap!

NEW FEATURE: 📦Bonner’s Ingredient Delivery Service

Complete the game (by finishing all the Shrine Upgrades) to unlock Bonner’s newly provided service!

Once unlocked, you can purchase the new Delivery Service at the Food Market shop. After purchasing, click the 🔁button next to an Ingredient at the Food Market shop to turn on ‘auto delivery’. Once turned on, you will automatically purchase that ingredient whenever you run out! If you cannot afford it at this time, the game will give you a little notification, and turn off the auto delivery for now.

NEW CONTENT: ⛩️Eastern Teahouse Furniture Set

This new high level furniture set includes tables, chairs, wallpapers, floors, kitchen utensils and decor that will allow you to turn your cat cafe into a beautiful teahouse, inspired by Chinese and Japanese designs.

CONTENT: New 🌺 outdoor plant decorations:

  • Tulips (purchasable from the start)
  • Bush (purchasable from the start)
  • Sunflowers (unlocked in the Harvest Halloween Shrine Upgrade)
  • Cat shaped bush (unlocked in the Tea House 1 Shrine Upgrade)

🐱CONTENT: Added 7 new 💇🏽hairstyles!

Remember you can change your hairstyle by pressing ESC and selecting ‘Edit Character’.

FEEDBACK: More clear feedback on what stats get affected by having duplicates of a piece of furniture, when buying in the shop.

FEEDBACK: Cats that are not available to entertain customers for any reason (because they are asleep or complaining about stress / playing) are now colored darker to indicate this a bit more.

FEEDBACK: Cats complaining about wanting to play (because there are not enough Toys) now use their ‘play’ animations, to differentiate from complaining about wanting pets.

FEEDBACK: New end of game text explains your newly unlocked options a bit more clearly, including your ability to re-adopt any cats you’ve given a Forever Home.

🐱FIX: Robocat9000 will not complain about food anymore.

🐱FIX: Cats who complain about wanting to Play or be Pet no longer slide around the cafe.

FIX: Cats can no longer have multiple ‘Play’ or ‘Calm’ tasks anymore.

FIX: Improved the language system when changing languages between saves.


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