Decades ago, Nintendo had the rights to create games based on the Popeye license, which led to their Popeye arcade game. When that license lapsed, Nintendo had to come up with their own characters for an arcade game, which paved the way for the creation of Donkey Kong and Mario. There’s no doubt Nintendo saw the lapsed license as a setback when it first happened, but what a blessing in disguise it was!

Nintendo’s Popeye arcade game isn’t talked about too much nowadays (along with Popeye in general), but one modder out there decided to turn his attention to the title to give it a complete overhaul with another big-name franchise. While the gameplay remains largely the same, all the Popeye content has been yanked in favor of Resident Evil fodder.

Resident Evil 3: Chibi Edition takes the Popeye content out and puts you in control of Jill Valentine as she tries to stay one step ahead of the Nemesis T-Type. Along with that, Leon Kennedy takes on the role of Olive Oyl, and Carlos Oliveira fills the shoes of Swee’Pea. Last but not least, Popeye’s favorite snack, spinach, has been replaced with a red herb for Jill to gobble up.

We’re not sure how anyone came up with this idea in the first place, but the end result is a fun mod that breathes new life into a Nintendo classic.

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1y ago

Actually just a quick correction on this. This is a hack of the Popeye NES game, not the arcade version. Yes, the NES game is a port of the arcade game, but it's definitely a different version with modifications to the gameplay and especially the visuals.


11M ago

Hey! It's-a-me, Onion! XD co-creator of this hack. I'm glad you liked enough to share it with our "brothers in retro". A couple of weeks we published a new hack that maybe interest you called Lupin III: Gentle Thief ^^