Super Trunko Go pachs a punch on Switch today

Do these guys know Elefun?

28 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developed by 88 Polygons and published by Dolores Entertainment, Super Trunko Go is a top down shooter game full of action that’s coming to the Switch today. The game is normally priced at $10, but you can take advantage of a 20% discount for a limited time.

The ominous Lord Tusk is up to his tricks again and threatens planet domination! Lord Tusk and his dark magic is controlling the planet’s citizens and is wreaking havoc in every corner!

Professor Ellie, the planet’s key advisor acknowledges this threat and seeks for Super Trunko, a space elephant for help!

Take control of Super Trunko in this challenging top down shooter and blast your way until you restore peace!

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