Publisher woof has announced that 100animalease is now available on Switch. The game is normally priced at $7, but you can get it for just $3.49 until May 8th, 2023. 100animalease takes up 350 MB of space.

100animalease is an action-adventure game where you work together with a total of 100 animals to escape from a mysterious facility. The main character is a weak girl and the stage is a mysterious facility surrounded by concrete walls.

The facility has already begun to collapse, and they are forced to escape in order to survive. However, the facility has a gimmick that prevents escape. The key to this is the 100 diverse animals that live in the facility.

Each animal has a special ability. One with an excellent sense of smell, one with excellent eyesight, one with a small body, and one with a large body. With their help, gimmick capture becomes easier.


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