Pokémon Kids TV​ shares 'Dance Around' music video

Sure to be torture for parents everywhere

28 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel offers up kid-friendly Pokémon content from time to time. The channel’s content is clearly aiming to mimic the popularity of videos like Baby Shark or any number of Cocomelon releases, and Pokémon Co. are back with a new attempt today.

Today’s video gives us the Kan & Aki version of Dance Around! Akira, Asahi and Ginta from Kan & Aki’s CHANNEL are seen dancing with Pikachu, and the goal is for kids to watch/sing along and try to keep up with the action.

Yes, it’s one of those songs that’s going to get infinitely more annoying for parents each time it’s played, so consider this your warning!

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