Welcome to GoNintendo Rewind! This will be a weekly feature that takes a look back at the video content we shared over the last 7 days. You can look forward to podcast episodes, clips pulled from each show, gameplay videos, what we’re up to on Patreon, and more!

While our return to video will focus mostly on podcast content and a weekly gameplay video at first, we’ll slowly branch out into more features. If you’re curious what we’ve been up to video-wise each week, this is the perfect place to pop in!

First up comes the discussion of a warning added to Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. This warning is meant to let players know that some of the content found in these games may be considered offensive by audiences today. Not surprisingly, some people have applauded the message while others were surprised/frustrated with its inclusion.

We also discussed a recent theft attempt involving the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Thanks to some quick thinking, the theft attempt was thwarted, and it saved Pokemon Co. a major headache. Believe it or not, this attempt could have resulted in the biggest theft in company history!

Thanks to a listener question, we also had a great discussion about games, movies, TV shows and more that require more from the player/viewer. There’s nothing wrong at all with games that you can play while on autopilot mentally, but some others dig deep to pull out all kinds of reactions, including some you might not be happy exploring.

We wrap up this week’s videos with a bit of gameplay from Super Alloy Ranger, a game that just landed on Switch today. This title seems to have flown under the radar of most Switch owners out there, but Mega Man fans might want to check this one out. It’s certainly rough around the edges in some areas, but I’d say thinks click where it most counts.


Last, but not least, we have the GoNintendo Patreon. Did you know that you can join the GoNintendo Patreon for just $1? That’s literally the only tier there is, and it gives you access to every single post/feature/video we share on Patreon!

For those who don’t know, GoNintendo’s Patreon offers all kinds of discussion and features. I certainly talk about Nintendo in multiple posts, but I also write about videogames in general, anime, pro wrestling, TV shows, movies, and so much more. You can expect reviews, stream of consciousness features, questions posed to you guys, and plenty of other approaches.

Here’s what you can find on the GoNintendo Patreon in just the last week alone.

  • A Ted Lasso moment that ruined the character for me
  • What should be Nintendo’s next movie?
  • I SUCK at Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp
  • Where are you purchasing your games from?
  • The Zelda floodgates are OPEN
  • Behind-the-scenes industry chatter

No matter what’s going on, there’s a new post on the GoNintendo Patreon every single day. If what you’ve seen/heard sounds good, we’d love to see you over there!


That’s it for this week’s GoNintendo Rewind. Again, this recap is meant to focus on our video features and Patreon posts for the week. We still have plenty of other original content on GoNintendo each week in the way of reviews, previews, interviews and more. All you have to do to see that content is check out our front page!

Thanks so much for your continued support of GoNintendo. We’ll see you in the next GoNintendo Rewind!

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1y ago

So this is what you've taken from the Battle Network discussion on this site? That everyone who doesn't like the disclaimer is racist and sexist? I could say that I'm offended but that would be hypocritical as fuck.
Maybe you should take another look at the comments. The majority of people who were against the disclaimer are simply disappointed that Capcom (or any other company) feels the need to include such a message to begin with. Mega Man is a lighthearted series for kids so there never was any racism or sexism to begin with just some stereotypes.

And stereotypes are something to make fun about and laugh about and not something to feel offended by. Every time I see 'ze' good old german lederhosen stereotype I can't help but chuckle, but I would never feel personally insulted.

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