We finally welcome back Nicky Hill to the podcast, and he’s been sorely missed. As usual, he brings a style and vibe that only he can provide, and we’re very happy to have it. Oh, and we talk a lot about Nintendo and other random stuff, too!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

Thanks to Gybones for putting together this episode’s timestamps!

00:00:00 Theme Music

00:00:30 Introduction

00:00:42 Pokemon Desc

00:01:56 Crew Greetings

00:02:04 Watch the YouTube video for full effect

00:03:57 Discord Greetings

00:04:37 Josh Talk

00:08:17 Time Stampers thanks! Though I’m a bit slow this week

00:09:11 Pre-News Talk

00:45:18 Full Jingle News Start

00:45:56 Leguizamo Comments on Old Mario Movie

00:54:47 Best Selling Game Franchises Since 1995 in UK

01:02:22 Miyamoto Comments on Movie’s Success

01:10:21 Japanese Cut of Mario Movie Being Shown in States

01:17:12 Miyamoto Loves Soap Operas

01:24:42 Nintendo Job Listing for Next Gen

01:31:16 NA eShop Releases

01:39:29 Nicky Hill’s Sweet (Euro eShop) Releases

01:48:46 NSO Free Trail (Cadence of Hyrule)

01:51:11 Donkey Kong Lego

01:59:13 Whatcha Been Playin’ Pod Crew?

02:57:46 Listener Question

02:59:00 Patreon Question

03:05:29 (Very Short) Music Time

03:12:43 Deux’s Rumor

03:13:55 Goodbyes

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