There was a time when Capcom would never even consider releasing the Ace Attorney series outside of Japan. The game’s genre and focus on dialog would have been a death sentence for it in North America, and it would have had nearly just as difficult a time in Europe. Thankfully, when the Nintendo DS launched, it brought in a massive wave of expanded audience gamers with unique and varied tastes. The DS’ success was the perfect platform to usher in the Ace Attorney series’ worldwide debut, and it’s been gaining in popularity ever since.

Famitsu Magazine recently spoke to Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto about a number of topics, including the Ace Attorney series. Tsujimoto took a moment to share some insight on how things are going for the franchise, and apparently it’s “doing exceptionally well across the globe.” Specific sales data wasn’t shared, but if Capcom’s happy, it seems the future is bright for the Ace Attorney series!

Tsujimoto also revealed that Capcom is going to channel the success of the Ace Attorney franchise to help sell the upcoming revamp of Ghost Trick. Shu Takumi is the man behind both Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick, and Capcom has been making sure to let gamers know that fact. They’re hoping that by telling Ace Attorney fans that Ghost Trick comes from the same creator, more people will be interested in giving the game a go. Let’s hope that approach works out!

As for Ghost Trick, director Shu Takumi also worked on the Ace Attorney series, which is currently doing exceptionally well across the globe. By introducing a remaster of Ghost Trick with ‘This was also made by Shu Takumi the director of Ace Attorney’, we hope to be able to attract the attention of people all over the world.

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12M ago

This is making me more happy than I can express with words.


12M ago

So where is the next game?


12M ago

So….why aren’t we seeing more releases then?? Where’s AA 4 through 6 on Switch? Where’s the Ace Attorney Investigations games, in the same vein as The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles…and this time they’d only have to localize the 2nd game! Where’s AA 7?! I can only hope this statement from Capcom will lead to future releases. I’m happy the series is doing well for them, but it’s frustrating to hear this when we haven’t seen much from the series in a long time now.

BTW, Miles Edgeworth is the star of the two AA Investigations games…arguably the most popular character in the series…so a rerelease of these games would seem like a no-brainer!

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