A massive round of screens and details have come in for Dragon Quest X “The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally.” If you just want to see the various screens and art, you can find a jam-packed gallery here. If you’d rather read all the new details, you can find those below, courtesy of a Gematsu translation.

Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline will release its new large-scale expansion Dragon Quest X: The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally Offline on May 26, 2023. The size of the downloadable content is comparable to that of the main game itself. Our hero / heroine will embark on a new adventure, set in the land of Rendashia where he or she will gather trustworthy members to his party and join forces to solve the abnormal mysteries of the world.

—The expansion includes original episodes that were not available in Dragon Quest X Online, as well as battle content specific to this game called the “Battle Phantasm.”

—By loading your save data after clearing Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, a new quest will occur. From the harbor city Rendoa, you will be able to board the Grand Titus and cross over to the land of Rendashia.

■ Your New Party Member: Hero Princess Anlucia

This large-scale expansion will introduce a new member to your party named the “Hero Princess Anlucia.” She awakens as a hero and meets you in the land of Rendashia. With her “Hero” vocation, she can use various offensive magic such as “Zap” and “Gigaslash,” as well as learn healing and reviving spells!

Anlucia (voiced by Saori Hayami)

The beautiful princess of Gran Zedora Kingdom in the Gran Zedora area. As a hero awakened, she shoulders the harsh mission of saving the world from the reaches of evil.

—She decides to fight alongside the main character’s party, who have come to help the awakened hero.

—Anlucia’s vocation is “Hero.” She shines on the battlefield using special skills and moves used only by the hero.

—In addition to healing spells, learn support magic such as the reviving spell “Kazing,” as well as “Insulatle” that is indispensable when fighting strong enemies.

■ An Original Episode Made Specifically for this Downloadable Content

In this large-scale expansion, an episode that was not shown in Dragon Quest X Online is included. Set in Anlucia’s home kingdom of Gran Zedora, a new story surrounding four individuals—Anlucia, her older brother Toma, her sage Luchenda, and Luchenda’s servant Milt—unfolds as new content.

—Luchenda’s servant Milt and Prince Toma were close friends.

—Milt treats Anlucia rather coldly. Whatever could have happened between them?

—Prince Toma (voiced by Tomoki Ono)

—Sage Luchenda (voiced by Akeno Watanabe)

—Milt (voiced by Michiko Kaiden)

■ The Human-Inhabited Land of Rendashia

The adventure in the large-scale expansion Dragon Quest X: The Sleeping Ally and the Guiding Hero Offline is set in the land of Rendashia, which is located in the middle of Astoltia. In this vast continent, which rivals the size of five continents, players can look forward to new fields, towns, and encounters across various regions.

—As you progress through the story, you will be able to fly around Rendashia while riding a flying dragon.

■ The Areas and Encounters of Rendashia

◆ Mersandi Area

A tranquil and thriving agricultural area. Mersandi Village, which is surrounded by wheat fields, is located in the northwest, where villagers use the power of windmills and watermills to make bread.

Mayor Gush (voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda)

The mayor who governs Melsandy Village. He injured his legs when he battled a monster that attacked the village.

Raska (voiced by Makoto Koichi)

A young boy who looks up to the village hero, Zankrone. He has dreams of becoming a hero himself.

Zankrone (voiced by Nobuyuki Hayama)

A hero who has saved Mersandi Village countless times. He has an unwavering heart that never gives up no matter how difficult the situation gets.

◆ Seled Area

A mountain region with steep cliffs, west of this area are the Town of Seled and the Temple of Dharma. Near the coast, facing the inland sea, are remnants of what used to be a coastal city.

Rezerotta (voiced by Rina Hidaka)

A young girl who leads the Town of Seled, where only children live. The children who look up to her, as well as Muccino, call her their “Queen.”

Firo (voiced by Satomi Moritani)

A shy boy who spends a lot of time at church. He is always concerned about Rezerotta.

Muccino (voiced by Sho Karino)

A creature that follows Rezerotta. He finds pleasure in obeying her orders.

◆ Al-Agun Area

A desolate wasteland and desert area. In the center of the area lies the Al-Agun Kingdom, which features a monster battle arena. Also in the northeastern Defel Wasteland are ancient tombs and pyramids.

King Bermud (voiced by Shinnosuke Ogami)

The admired king of the Al-Agun Kingdom. He puts in a lot of resources into the monster battle arena that is popular among its citizens.

Seraphi (voiced by Tomori Kusunoki)

A strange girl that you meet at the monster battle arena. She is able to communicate with monsters.

Clawde (voiced by Taito Ban)

A silver sabrecat that escaped from the battle arena. He had been hiding deep within the jungle.

◆ Gran Zedora Area

The area where the Rendashia’s largest country Gran Zedora Kingdom resides. In the area where Hero Princess Anlucia was born and raised, is a humongous castle, as well as a castle town and a port.

Sage Luchenda (voiced by Akeno Watanabe)

An ogre sage who serves in the Gran Zedora Kingdom. She leads the investigations into the mysteries of the world.

Milt (voiced by Michiko Kiden)

A young man who has known Anlucia and Toma from a very young age. Currently, he is the servant of Sage Luchenda.

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