Remember two weeks back when we mentioned that the Super Mario Bros. Movie somehow aired in its entirety on Argentine TV? Well, things have only gotten worse for NBC Universal, Illumination and Nintendo since then.

Believe it or not, the full-length Super Mario Bros. Movie is finding its way onto major social media and streaming platforms. The movie has been spotted in full on platforms like Twitter and YouTube, and despite some of the uploads getting yanked, others have been available for days, if not close to a week.

I actually encountered this completely by chance with my own YouTube browsing. I opened up YouTube to check subscriptions, and in the recommended tab I saw the entire film. It had some filters placed over the image and audio, but it was indeed the complete film.

There’s no doubt those involved in these uploads will have their accounts squashed, and you can bet the powers that be will try to get more details on the people behind the accounts, and the source of the uploads. We’ll keep you updated on any news related to this topic, legal or otherwise, going forward.


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1y ago

Pretty bad day for leaks for Nintendo, though this one isn't nearly bad as people downloading Tears of the Kingdom before release. Nintendo sure must have their hands full right now.