As we mentioned a couple days back, the Pokémon TCG is seeing incredibly levels of popularity right now, but the situation in Japan is absolutely dire. Fans aren’t able to find any of the latest expansions in stores, as cards have been gobbled up almost instantly. Not surprisingly, plenty of people are trying to cash in on this situation by scooping up cards and selling them online. One retailer is fed up with this practice, and they’ve taken a bold move to stop it.

One Pokémon TGC store in the Akihabara district has enacted a new rule pertaining to customers. They simply won’t be selling some cards to adults, as they want to fight back against resellers and give kids a chance to enjoy their hobby. The retailer is going full-force on this initiative, as they’ll be checking IDs to ensure sales are only offered to kids.

Furthermore, the retailer is going to make sure to have an allotment of Pokémon TCG cards for kids. They’ll set these cards aside and kids will only be allowed to purchase up to 10 packs. The store will also offer stock to regular customers of any age, but adults will not be able to purchase from the allocation meant only for youngsters.


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