Scripts from Scrapped Pokémon Black and White Anime Episodes Surface

The Fated Battle between Team Rocket and Plasma!

01 May 2023
by jmaldonado 2

A piece of Pokémon history has been discovered! For those unaware, during the Pokémon Anime’s coverage of the Unova region there was planned to be a two part episode detailing an epic battle between Team Rocket and Team Plasma.

However, due to an intense tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan, the episodes were postponed and never released due to containing scenes depicting incredible destruction to a city which may have come off as insensitive.

If you watched the anime at the time you might remember the iconic trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth being written much more seriously at the time with darker outfits to match. This change was done to build up hype for this epic event that never happened. After these episodes were skipped Team Rocket returned to their old outfits and goofier personas with no real explanation leading to these lost episodes becoming some of the most infamous in the anime’s over 20 year history, until recently.

A Bulbagarden (Pokémon fan-site) user called ObjectionMan noticed that the scripts for these infamous episodes we’re being put to auction and opened a fund-raiser to try and recover this piece of history. Other users of the site we’re able to confirm the auctions authenticity and the team confirms that “great news” is on the way, seeming like these lost adventures will finally be known in some capacity after all!

It’s always incredible when media from a franchise as big as Pokémon becomes lost to time but it’s even more fascinating when fans come together to find it, kudos to all involved and we will eb sure to share the details on the lost episodes when the information is released.

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1y ago

i still remember how the only video clip of this episode was the next episode preview clip that aired the week before where they show jesse, james and meowth try to save giovanni


1y ago

Update: they got the script which included the english translation and its been posted to their google drive for all to see..