Get ready to ante up later this month when Sunshine Shuffle hits Switch. The latest game from Strange Scaffold (An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Hypnospace Outlaw) tells an engaging story about loss, family, and armed robbery that unfolds between high-stakes hands of Texas Hold ‘Em. Also: all the characters are cartoon animals.

Sunshine Shuffle is a crime drama by way of poker sim, featuring a cast of deceptively cute critters. As you bluff, call, and raise your way to the top, you’ll engage your opponents in guarded banter and learn their peculiarities. What exactly happened at that bank heist 12 years ago? Why are your mob employers so keen on revisiting what seems like yesterday’s news? Does talk therapy work? And is there really an interesting story behind Captain Fidelius’ missing eye? It’s a seedy tale told with equal parts intrigue and empathy.

Play well, and you can do your part to make the S.S. Sunshine your own. Spruce up the place with new decorations and props. Bop along to an all-new ska soundtrack from legendary musician JER (Skatune Network, We Are the Union), with additional tracks from acclaimed composer RJ Lake (Unbeatable, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator) Go wild and dress everyone up in unlockable outfits. This mystery isn’t going to solve itself, so you may as well make yourself comfortable.

Sunshine Shuffle will be available on Switch May 24 for $9.99.

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