Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Pikmin Bloom, has received a new update which includes new features such as showing you the flowers you planted using AR mode. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • AR Mode update: see big flowers and planted flowers!
  • You can now only send one postcard to a user at a time.
  • Find out when you found an expedition item in the details screen.
  • See the rewards for inviting friends to the game in the invite friend screen.
  • Play the daily lookback in the lifelog to get memento cards from past days when you walked more than 10,000 steps.
  • Added a button to restore Pikmin names to default.
  • Tap to fast forward the animation when you send postcards.

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2y ago

I wonder if the postcard feature is finally getting some use, ive tried to figure out what it is and it might be that the game remembers the locations it has recieved postcards, so it could be to collect as many as possible. Cant spam 30 postcards to a friend anymore i guess.