For years now, Capcom and UDON have been teaming up on special Swimsuit Comics for the Street Fighter series. It looks like the tradition is set to continue, as the lineup for 2023 has just been revealed.

The 2023 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special comic will debut on July 19th, 2023, and there are six cover variants to choose from. Here’s the lineup of covers along with their prices:

  • CVR A by Reiq with Chun-Li, Cammy, and Manon on the front: $4.99
  • CVR B by Norasuko with Marisa, R. Mika, and Yamato Nadeshiko on the front: $4.99
  • CVR C with a blank sketch cover: $5.99
  • CVR D by Panzer with Lily and Ibuki on the front: $20
  • CVR X1 by Kajin-man with Poison on the front: $20
  • CVR X2 by Kajin-man with Roxy on the front: $50

To get a look at each cover and place your pre-order, you can visit the UDON online store.

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