Omega Strikers has been updated to Version 2.0.2 on Nintendo Switch. You can see the full patch notes for this latest update below.


Night Market - Night Market is a bit tame in comparison to the explosions and firepower of our other maps. We’re turning up the speed a bit!

  • Speed Zone recharge time :: 5s → 4s


Atlas - Atlas can use Astral Projection to win trades with frequency. This is a minor touch – he’ll still be winning trades with said frequency, but he’ll be paying a slightly higher cost for it.

Astral Projection [PRIMARY]

  • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 8s

Asher - Asher’s special is quite good at stun-locking and creating forward pressure, given how easy it is for her to hit it. We’re reducing its effective range and stun power to keep her more in line with other Strikers.

Pathsplitter [SPECIAL]

  • Base Creation Duration :: Reduced from 2.25 → 1.9s
  • Minimum hit stun duration :: Reduced from 0.3s → 0.05s

Drek’ar - Fixing a Drek’ar bug that made his Molten Bolt last longer than intended, especially when he’d selected Cast to Last.

Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]

  • [BUGFIX] No longer gains CREATION benefits for the ability

Dubu - Our favorite hampter sure is a stalwart defender. Honestly though, sometimes he also wants to slam. We’re giving him some more opportunities and payoff for belly flopping on his enemies. (Just like he did in the Trigger trailer!!!! He did the thing!)

Somerassault [SECONDARY]

  • Cooldown 20s → 18s
  • Damage and PvP Knockback :: 200 (+100% Power) → 210 (+105% Power)

Era - Magic Maelstrom (Era’s SPECIAL) was blocking off large sections of the map too frequently and effectively. We’re increasing its cooldown to make it more punishing when she has a poor cast.

Magic Maelstrom [SPECIAL]

  • Cooldown :: Increased from 15s → 20s

Luna - Luna’s W.H.A.M.M.Y (that’s her missile) is a little too punishing to miss, given its short-ish base range and acceleration time to get a stronger hit. We’re going to give Luna a bit more opportunity to fish for good hits by reducing its cooldown. And more chances for you to launch a random missile across the map for a free goal.


  • Cooldown :: Reduced from 7s → 6.5s

Kai - Kai can deny too many opportunities, so we’re knocking down his rapid firing barrage’s rapidness and its range a bit.

Barrage [PRIMARY]

  • Cooldown :: 10s → 11s
  • Range :: 775 → 650

Rune - Rune’s combinations aren’t as lethal as we’d like. While he has a lot of tricks in his bag, his KO bread and butter Banish into Unstable Anomaly should be confirming knockouts on players close to the edge of the arena.

Unstable Anomaly [PRIMARY]

  • Fully formed PvP Knockback :: 220 (+110% Power) → 250 (+125% Power)
  • PvP Damage and Core Knockback unchanged
  • Unformed damage unchanged
  • Also applies to the Unstable Anomaly left by Shadow Walk [SECONDARY]

Rasmus - We’re giving Rasmus a bit more mobility and agency over when he can utilize his Whiplash. This should mean he can do more than just Death Touch unsuspecting victims.

Whiplash [SECONDARY]

  • Duration :: 2s → 2.25s

GEAR - Goalie Gear seems to be a toss up between Strike Shot and Eject Button. We’re giving the other options a bit of love to make them do what they do… except better.

Momentum Boots

  • Move Speed per Stack :: 1.5% → 1.75%
  • Max Speed :: 20% → 22.5%


  • Power :: 15 → 20


Extra Special

  • Special cooldown reduction :: 35% → 40%


  • Creations hit bonus :: 20% → 15%

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