Today, developer Vertical Reach and publisher Armor Games Studios announced that The Tartarus Key, a PS1-style mystery horror game inspired by the classics of the genre, is launching on May 31sth, 2023 on Switch.

The last thing Alex remembers is being alone in her apartment. Suddenly, she’s awoken in a dark and deadly mansion, with a stranger’s voice crackling through a walkie-talkie and cameras following her every move. When Alex realizes she’s not the only one caught up in this nightmare, she sets off to discover who—or what—is lurking in the shadows…

The Tartarus Key is a first-person narrative thriller that has you seeking to escape a mysterious mansion full of dark secrets, terrible traps, perilous puzzles, and many a twist and turn. As Alex, explore every dreadful corridor, escape complex rooms using brains over brawn, meet fellow captives relying on you to survive, and unlock the mansion’s many lethal riddles.

What horrors lie at the center of this mysterious mansion? Can everyone be saved? Unlock the answers when The Tartarus Key launches on Switch May 31st, 2023.


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