The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will be removed from the App Store, Google Play, and—and game servers will be shut down—on Monday, June 5, 2023, at 9 a.m. PDT. This comes prior to the full global launch of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live on Thursday, June 8, 2023. Pokémon TCG Live is currently available in beta to players around the world on iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs and Macs.

Until otherwise notified, players will be able to migrate their Pokémon TCG Online account information even after sunsetting occurs. If you have unopened Pokémon TCG Online content, please make sure to open it ahead of the game’s sunsetting. Likewise, if you have any deck lists you wish to save, you should export those ahead of the sunset date.

The Pokémon TCG Online Sunset FAQ has been updated with the latest information about this closure, including details on account migration. Thank you for playing the Pokémon TCG Online, and we look forward to seeing you in Pokémon TCG Live!

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