While Pokémon GO still has a ton of life left in it, it’s clear players aren’t too happy with the current state of things.

A new report from Mobilegamer (spotted by VGC) has discovered that revenue for Pokémon GO dropped to $34.7 million in April, making for the lowest point the game’s seen in 5 years. This compares unfavorably to March’s $42.8 million revenue, and February’s $57.9 million.

While Niantic hasn’t discussed the drop in revenue, many fans and analysts are pointing to the recent changes in Remote Raids as the culprit. Countless Trainers spoke up about Niantic’s plans to rework Remote Raids, as Niantic wanted to push things closer to how they were pre-pandemic, while many players had come to appreciate the easier method of play.

Whether Pokémon GO revenue can bounce back remains to be seen, but as of right now, it appears Trainers have voted with their wallets.

UPDATE: Niantic has disputed this report. You can find the details from Niantic’s response here.

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1y ago

I have been a daily player since the game first came out years ago. Lately the game has almost become boring. Adventure Sync almost never works. With the increase in prices of remote raid passes, raids have almost become dead. I was in Tokyo for a week in April, for crying out loud, and most raid lobbies were empty.


1y ago

I wouldn't take too much stock in a drop as the economy isn't helping. People just don't have the means to spend like they used to and the economy will get worse. If people can't make ends meet, video game spending will decrease.


1y ago

Oh no?! Only $34 million revenue in a month?! How will they financially recover from this?!