Reggie Fils-Aime may no longer work at Nintendo, but he’ll always be a part of the company. He also still has plenty of connections to those who work at Nintendo, and it seems he’s not afraid to use them.

As we shared earlier in the week, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has leaked online. Unfortunately, this has led to thousands of people downloading pirated copies. Some who sailed the high seas decided to share their escapades on Twitter, and one in particular got singled out by Reggie.

Twitter user Humanandagamer took to the social media platform to share a screenshot of them playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom along with an ‘lol’ message. While they didn’t share this tweet directly with Reggie, the big man caught the conversation on Twitter and acted upon it.

In the tweet above, you can see that Reggie shared the tweet of Humanandagamer along with a quote from the movie Taken. Reggie was letting the Twitter user know that they were aware of their piracy activity, and they could certainly reach out to some Nintendo contacts to clue them in on the situation. That’s the whole reason the above tweet includes a screenshot rather than the actual tweet from Humanandagamer, as that person has since deleted their Twitter account.

Reggie certainly stopped one person from promoting piracy, and we can only hope it made them thing twice about doing it again in the future. Along with that, let’s hope other would-be pirates have a change of heart after seeing this interaction.


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No no! This guy was just playing a legitimate "archive copy" of a game he paid for and owns!


24d ago

No no! This guy was just playing a legitimate "archive copy" of a game he paid for and owns!


24d ago

I'd be scared for my life if ex-NoA president quote retweeted my tweet with a line from Taken


24d ago

For a moment I had this sort of lapse in my memory and I thought Reggie was still in charge of Nintendo of America. It was a fun little moment, though.

cheesus 2

23d ago

I have seen everything I need to see from the leaks to be excited about this game, this is gonna be a looong week


22d ago

Wouldn’t be able to pirate it if it were on the blockchain, aye Reggie?